Old Web Today: browse the Web like the '90s

The website Old Web Today displays archived web pages as they used to be in the past through older browsers and operating systems.

thefacebook old web today

The service, created by developer Ilya Kreymer in conjunction with the media arts foundation Rhizome, lets you view websites from the 90s through older browsers, including Netscape, Internet Explorer, and earlier versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. These browsers work with their classic operating systems Mac, Windows and Linux.

You can enter the URL you want to view, request a date, and your Site site will show you the archive version of the webpage that is saved and is closest to the date you have declared.

For example you could see Facebook as when it was known as "TheFacebook."

The Old Web Today is a digital nostalgia, and compared to sites that show archival versions of the web pages in your modern browser, although uploaded faster, they can not yield the nostalgia someone feels when they see an old website through their old browser. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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