Dazzling data for adopting Windows 10

Even with free upgrades, adoption of Windows 10 by Microsoft operating users has slowed down considerably. Four months after their release, Windows 10 has reached 9% of market share, according to Net Applications.marketshare Windows 10

Windows 10 had been installed on over 75 million computers in their first four weeks of marketing, and passed 110 millions of installations after 10 weeks.

As we know, Microsoft aims to install the new operating system on 1 billion devices "in two to three years." The number includes not only computers, but smartphones, consoles, and tablets. This number seems very large, if something does not change soon….

WindUws 10 had captured 7,94% of market share in October, and gained 1,06 percentages reaching 9,00% in November.

However, the adoption of the new operating system seems to have slowed dramatically: Window 10 lost almost 5 percentage points since the first month of their release, earning just over a unit a month since then.

Microsoft hopes to combat this slowdown by announcing a partnership with Baidu to promote Windows 10 in China. Microsoft's plans include a proposal to make Windows 10 a "recommended update", which would force Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users to use "democratic procedures" to install the new operating system.

It should be noted here that despite the leak of percentage points with the release of Windows 10, Windows 7 continues to hold and will probably hold the title of the most popular operating system for a long time to come. Windows 7 has outperformed Windows XP since September 2012 and since then their share has been growing steadily. Today they still hold at 56 percent of the market share.

However, the total number of Windows market shares is impressive, as 91.39% has reached the size of the image.


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