Online map of the global corona virus spread

Check out this online map of the global coronavirus, which started in the city of Yuhan in China.


Researchers at the University Center Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering, created an online map that shows the global spread of the deadly coronavirus (or coronavirus) started to boo China. The map updated daily with Data from the World Health Organization and the US, respectively disease control centers in Europe and China.

The map is quite readable and additional website contains diagrams spread of the virus, the number of people suffering from the virus, on a daily basis, the deaths that have occurred so far and other gruesome details.

When writing this article day in Europe there are only two cases, shown on the map, and have been found in France and Germany.

Those of you who have ordered things online from China and wait by mail, according to a statement of the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control) You do not worry if the packages are sent from China, there is the coronavirus survive. The CDC confirmed that the coronavirus cannot be transmitted by mail, in packets that arrive at their destination within a few days or weeks.

View the map here.

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