Opera VPN Pro an account for 6 Android devices

Opera is one of the companies offering a built-in VPN in the browser it is developing. The company he said most recently VPN Pro for Android, a new feature aimed specifically at devices running Google's mobile operating system.

opera vpn pro

It is currently available in beta. Opera VPN Pro for Android can be installed on up to 6 different devices with a single account.

"Standalone VPN applications require users to take additional steps to set up, create an account, etc. However, our goal has always been to keep internet security simple and easy. Therefore, existing Opera browser users can easily sign up for Opera VPN Pro using their accounts. Everything is integrated, as it should be. VPN Pro provides enhanced security across the device and can protect up to 6 different Android devices with one account. "Regardless of which application is used, user data is protected by a next-generation encryption wall."

One of the biggest benefits is the data-free approach, as Opera guarantees that no information about what you do online is stored on its servers.

Pricing for Opera VPN Pro for Android starts at $ 1,99 per month as part of an early bird beta program.

Provides users with access to 3000+ private servers in more than 30 virtual locations around the world, allowing them to stream videos, download files and browse the internet securely using a fast VPN connection and unlimited bandwidth on Android devices . You do not need to sacrifice speed for better security, as VPN Pro provides access to high-speed servers so users can browse faster than ever before. In addition, users can run in data saving mode in parallel with VPN Pro, to ensure that they will never exceed the data of the package they use ", says Opera.

If you want to try Opera VPN Pro before you buy it, the company offers a 7 day trial.

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