Google Summer of Code until April 19 to apply

The Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is open to students with programming skills and new developers who want to contribute to open source projects.


Those selected will work for 3 months in the summer on the open source project they choose to contribute and will be funded up to $ 3600 after a monthly evaluation.

GSoC provides funding for students and new developers to contribute code to free software projects. It is implemented globally, since its inception in 2005 more than 18.000 students from 112 countries have participated in it, resulting in the production of more than 33.000.000 lines of code for 746 open source organizations.

Students and new developers can formally submit their proposals through its main page Google Summer of Code, until 19 April 2022.

For more information on Google Summer of Code 2022, projects of other GSOC participating organizations, and the dates and deadlines for submitting proposals, see The Best Technology Site in Greece
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