OTE new commercial policy for connecting new buildings

OTE S.A. contacts on the basic principles of its new commercial policy regarding the connection of new buildings/apartment buildings with four (4) or more independent premises to the copper technology access network:ote logo

  •  Requests for connections of new apartment buildings to the copper access network in areas that the OTE or another provider has already developed a FTTH network will not be implemented and the connection of the buildings must be done with the optical fiber network of the respective Access Provider.
  • Connection requests will not be implemented in the areas that are to be within four (4) months of the request to commercially provide FTTH to the area.
  • Requests for connections for which the building's intake shaft is located at a distance of more than 50m. from the last nearest OTE network well. will not be implemented.

For the rest of the requests regarding the implementation of the pricing policy during the new operational phase of the commercial policy of copper network imports, the following will be applied:

  • From 0 – 15 meters of construction the connection cost is set at €650 plus VAT. (fixed price).
  • From 16 to 50 meters of construction, the fee will be calculated at €650 for the first 15 m plus €26/m for each subsequent meter, plus VAT.

Cases where there is a connection request for more than three (3) buildings that are adjacent to each other are excluded from the above mentioned policy. The relevant cases will be examined by the Planning Services of the OTE. who will decide on a case-by-case basis for the implementation of the connection.

01/06/2023 is defined as the entry into force of the above commercial policy.

For more information you can contact 13888 or the COSMOTE Store Network - GERMANOS.

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