Ukraine face recognition system for locating dead Russians

The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine confirmed that he uses the controversial Clearview AI face recognition system for locating dead Russian soldiers.

"We are grateful to the mothers of these soldiers, and we are spreading this information through social media to at least inform families that they have lost their sons and to allow them at some point to come and retrieve their bodies," he told Reuters. Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine and Head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov.

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Clearview AI is a New York-based startup. It first made headlines when CEO Hoan Thon-That admitted to copying billions of images from social media sites like Instagram and Twitter to create a large database. The application's face recognition algorithms are trained to match images with this huge database. By linking people's selfies to their social media accounts, their identities can also be revealed.

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Technology when it first appeared caused storms. The company faces fines from the international community and has been ordered to shut down in some countries. Nevertheless, it continues to grow and now the face recognition it offers is used in Ukraine.

Clearview AI also plans to identify faces as they age, to strike big government deals.
There is now a 50 billion parameter open source model called the GPT-NeoX-20B that anyone can use for free, built by Eleuther AI, a team of developers and researchers working together.

Of course there is a great deal of interest in resolving issues of bias, toxic language or misinformation created by these language models, as they are very difficult to configure in the way a human brain thinks.

The GPT-NeoX-20B succeeds the GPT-J-6B. It is currently the largest open source model, and contains hundreds of billions of parameters. Another team effort by the BigScience team is currently training a separate 176 billion parameter open source model that has not yet been released.

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