Play 7 hidden games on your Android mobile

Are you somewhere without internet and bored? See how you can play not one, not two but seven hidden games from your Android phone and through the Google Play Store.

Except for the hidden game that is in the Google Search app and you it we presented in our previous article, there are seven (!) other hidden games on your Android smartphone. You can watch and play them without having to have an internet connection. Basically you need to be offline on your phone to play games and spend your time happily.

The games are Balloon, Solitaire, Snake, Whirlybird, Minesweeper, Cricket, Pac-man. With all this we guarantee that you will not get bored of being somewhere without internet. Everything is available on any Android mobile phone, regardless of brand. They are essentially integrated into Google's Play Store app, which in turn is integrated into almost all Android phones anyway, so you can enjoy it almost anywhere.

If you want to see and play them follow these steps:

Step 1. First turn off the internet connection on your Android mobile phone. If you use turn them off. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, turn off the Wi-Fi function.

Step 2a. On the Home screen of your mobile, open the Play Store application.

Step 2b. Enter anything in the Play Store Search box. The text does not matter as the internet connection is disabled and the application is going to display the "You are offline" page, which you actually want to reveal to see the secret games.

Step 3. Once you type anything into the Google Search box and tap the search icon, the Google app will display a message that you are offline.

On the same page you will see the prompt "Play while you wait" with Android suggesting you three games to play. The Balloon, Solitaire, and Snake. You can press whoever you want to play immediately.

Step 4. But it has more. To see, scroll down and click the "Open" button next to "Play Games", which is under the heading "More games offline".

Your phone will show you a new screen with six games, Whirlybird, Minesweeper, Snake, Solitaire, Cricket, Pac-man.  


Tap whoever you want to play the full screen game. The graphics are good enough to spend at least some time offline. See a sample from Pac-Man:

It might even be a redemption if you find yourself in ten days due to covid-19 and no internet!! The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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