Tamasenco's PeaceOFF in Kongragate's top-6!

With just a week of presence in Kongragate, the world's largest game portal, PeaceOFF the company's Tamasenco - member of gi-Cluster - was selected as one of the 6 best new title proposals hosted on the first page of the portal.Tamasenco PeaceOFF

PeaceOFF is the new title of Tamasenco, the second browser game developed by the Greek company that is part of the fantasy / adventure RPG category.

This distinction has already produced extremely positive results for ReaceOFF, with the most important of all attracting 16.000 new users, as well as hundreds of positive comments from the international community, which are solid foundations for the next steps in the development and upgrading of the game.

As stated by Dimitris Koutsomitsos, founder of Tamasenco

«We are very proud to see this ReaceOFF on his first page Kongragate. It is a great recognition of our work and a good reason to raise the bar. I am happy twice because this recognition of Tamasenco, a Greek company operating in Greece, looks forward to the emergence of the sector through its participation in gi-cluster and consists of Greek creators, is proof of our high level and ability, as a country, to succeed and stand out internationally. International recognition is not unrealistic; by contrast, our experience is considered to be an entirely feasible goal».

An important role in Kongregate's distinction of ReaceOFF was the technical design of the game, high quality graphics and music, and 24 / 7 support and communication provided by Tamasenco to its game users.

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