Phantom Secure Capture for Modified Smartphone Sales

The FBI arrested the owner of Phantom Secure, a company that had customized BlackBerry and Android devices in international criminal organizations.

In accordance with Motherboard, the FBI, together with the Canadian and Australian police authorities, were watching Phantom Secure for the sale of phonemes to drug cartels and other criminal organizations.

The FBI reports that Phantom Secure and Chief Executive Officer Vincent Ramos were well aware that their devices were being used in violent crimes.Phantom Secure

These phones had cameras, microphones, and other standard connectivity features turned off while using a Pretty Good Privacy version to send messages.

The FBI also says the company has allowed its customers to erase their device data remotely.

Canadian police also said that when Vincent Ramos was asked by an undercover agent if the phones were good for "sending MDMA to Montreal", he replied that it would be "perfect".

"We did it - we created it specifically for it [drug trafficking]," said Vincent Ramos.

The FBI (and other U.S. law enforcement agencies, such as the Department of Justice) has waged a war on every encryption technology, claiming that criminals are equipped with "invincible" mobile devices that prevent them from conducting their investigations.

Before long the FBI tried to force companies like Apple to add backdoors to help them track the audience on their devices, which could potentially weaken the security features available to normal users who have no intention to violate the law.

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