The Philips Hall 22 stand at IFA 2016

The MMD brand partner των Οθονών Philips, παρουσιάζει μια σειρά καινοτομιών για επαγγελματίες και οικιακούς χρήστες στην έκθεση IFA 2016 μεταξύ 2-7 Σεπτεμβρίου στο Βερολίνο.

At the Philips Hall, Hall 22, visitors will enjoy, among other things, UltraColor technology with the expanded color gamut embedded in the finest market screen, the new 4 40 convex XNUMX screen as well as pop up webcams displayed when needed .Philips 4 side frameless

Curved screens - and the largest 4K convex display on the market

Guests will enjoy at the Philips Pavilion with the 40-inch Brilliance Curved Display, the largest 4 convex display in the market, with fantastic focus.

This particular screen, available in the last quarter of 2016, embraces the line of vision, creating more personal space and improving concentration. As users sit too close to their computer screen, the convex screen creates a truly immersive work experience. Philips

The viewing distances from the edges and the center of the screen are equal – so users don't have to turn their head to see the edges of the screen, and can enjoy excellent image quality. The edge-to-edge glass and ultra-narrow frame enhance the flawlessness of the screen.

Stefan Sommer, Marketing & Business Management Director at MMD, states: With 40K resolution, this new model offers impressive clarity and space for multitasking. ”
The 4 40 inch model is not the only convex screen to be featured in the show: IFA guests can also admire the upcoming 7 21 9 34 XNUMX XNUMX convex XNUMX screen. The ultra-thin screen with adjustable height, dazzling Quad HD resolution and built-in sound are set to be released at the end of the year.

UltraColor for natural images

The latest UltraColor screens saturate color reproduction to create more expensive colors in home-based applications, thereby satisfying users. UltraColor, supporting a broader color gamut - 85-95% of the NTSC range, depending on the particular model, unlike classic 72% - extends the range of colors seen on the screen, creating more natural images with more rich and vivid green, red and blue colors.

With accurate color reproduction, UltraColor displays make it easy αγορές καθώς βλέπουμε πλέον το πραγματικό χρώμα του before we even make the purchase. UltraColor monitors also give aspiring video creators, designers and photographers the confidence that the colors on their screen are very close to reality.

Stefan Sommer explains: "In contrast to the improvement achieved by 'teasing' the software settings to correct the color balance, UltraColor intervenes in the chemistry of the screen and makes groundbreaking adjustments to the composition of the color chips."

This innovative technology is appearing on a number of screens presented at IFA, including the new E-Line screens released this summer, as well as the thinnest screens on the market - C7 screens, expected in the last quarter of 2016. At IFA , the 24-inch model of Ultra Slim FHD screens will also be presented.

Despite the depth of 5,2h, this model reproduces 90% of the NTSC color gamut, features Flicker-free technology, wide viewing angle, and sleek, frameless design.Philips 272B7QPTKEB_f image

Philips Pop-up webcam that makes life of camera hackers difficult

Guests looking for more workplace security will be able to see the first Philips screen with a pop-up webcam. The brand-new 27 inch screen has a webcam that's shown when it's needed and hidden on the screen for the rest of the time, preventing potential hackers from "jabbing" unwanted. This monitor is readily available on the market. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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