What song does Windows drop?

Microsoft has revealed a crazy story about the time when a song dropped Windows XP laptops. The song in question is Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation and apparently, it contains one of the natural resonant frequencies of 5400 RPM hard disk drives (HDDs), which is very common in laptops even today.

However, Microsoft hadn't announced what the frequencies were and this is very hard to pin down as hard drives vibrate between 0 and 5.000 Hz, although they exist as we know them today and some have peaks at 12,5, 87,5 , 1100, 1450, 1700, or 1850 Hz.

To fix the problem, the hard drive manufacturers had to add a filter for the specific frequencies to avoid such problems.

Above is the song for you to listen to, but hold back before clicking play if you're still using a Windows XP PC.

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