PowerShell for Pentesters

PowerShell for Pentesters is an introduction to using PowerShell in pentesters. A series of videos that analyze all the techniques that security system analysts can apply and understand how Powershell works.

Scripts are provided for easy installation of the Active Directory directory functionality, however no instructions are given for installing the virtual machines. A guide provided in this repo describes the basics for setting up your network in Virtualbox.

The process is similar in VMWare Workstation and Workstation Pro.

Finally you will need Hashcat, which is available at https://hashcat.net/hashcat/. You can also download it via Kali Linux if you have it installed.

screenshot 2021 10 08 at 10 21 35 powershell for pentesters course repository for powershell for pentesters course



git clone https://github.com/dievus/PowerShellForPentesters.git


  • User, group, and workstation enumeration
  • Domain enumeration
  • Downloading with PowerShell
  • Group Policy Enumeration
  • ACL Enumeration
  • PowerShell Remoting
  • PowerView and other popular offensive PowerShell scripts
  • Mimikatz exploitation


  • Invoke-ForestDeploy.ps1

The . \ Invoke-ADGenerator.ps1

Invoke -ADGenerator -DomainName

This will install the Windows Active Directory Domain Services toolkit and create the real domain. Follow the instructions on the screen, noting the name of the domain used as this will be needed later.

  • Invoke-ADGenerator.ps1

The . \ Invoke-ADGenerator.ps1

Invoke -ADGenerator -DomainName

This will create the appropriate users, groups, permissions and configurations required for the course.

  • NameGen.ps1

The . \ NameGen.ps1

executeScript -ComputerName Workstation -01

This runs on the Workstation-01 machine created to properly name the workstation. Be sure to use -ComputerName flag and specify Workstation -01.


You can find the course on YouTube by clicking here.

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