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Progate is, for the time being, a free online service that teaches you free of charge various programming languages, scripting and other computer-related skills.


The service Progate was founded in 2014 in Tokyo, Japan, and recently added English so that it is now understood by everyone (October 2017). Through its available courses you can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails 5, PHP, Java, Python, command line (Linux, Unix) and Git.

You need to register to start using the service. The registration is done through your Facebook or Twitter account or via a simple email. So far the email you enter does not require verification, and in addition it is completely free.

Some relatively easy programming languages ​​are taught in a single course, but most in multiple courses. For example, the command line course takes a little over an hour to complete, and you will need more than 10 hours to learn Java.

You can see details of each lesson before you decide to start a course, and you can also start multiple lessons if you wish. The lessons are done with slides that pass in front of you one by one. Some of them explain concepts, while others ask you to practice the previous lessons.

The slides are relatively simplistic and understandable. However, the use of English is essential for attending classes. Anyway, anyone who wants to learn a programming language should know English. For example, the transparency of the photo refers to the touch command (blue image at the top) and then explains in words and graphics the function of this command.

The next slide opens a workspace where you will be prompted to execute this command. On the left of the screen you will find relevant instructions for the exercise, in the middle you will find a window like the linux terminal window, and on the right information about the file structure.

The changes you make are reflected in the window inside the file structure, and you can also execute as many commands as you want in a test, until you understand how it works. And finally under the main window there are buttons where you can see the answer to the exercise, restore the window environment, and ask the program to "judge" you for what you have written.

The service Progate is quite good at what it tries to teach you since it is not enough in simple texts with 1 photo but through the slides it explains in text and in a graphic way each command. And you also have the option to go back to the previous slide whenever you need to refresh your memory.

Your progress is automatically saved, and you can return to the lesson you left later to continue. Progate teaches you scripting, programming languages ​​and skills. The lessons are easy to follow even if you are a beginner and since they are online it is easier to start them, compared to most guides, which require you to first create a programming environment and then start learning.

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