Project Atlas: When seeding is filled with cryprobes

Project Atlas - TRON + BitTorrent: When Justin Sun, creator of TRON, bought BitTorrent INC no one knew his plans. Sun paid 140 million US dollars for BitTorrent Inc. and according to information, the Atlas project is the first project announced after the takeover.

Project Atlas

Project Atlas is an attempt to combine the BitTorrent protocol with blockchain. BitTorrent Inc. plans to integrate features first into PC clients and later into mobile applications. They will later be able to integrate Project Atlas and third-party applications.

The definition of Project Atlas on the BitTorrent Inc. website does not reveal too much about new technology:

Project Atlas will connect BitTorrent's peer-to-peer network and TRON's blockchain network through a series of bittorrent protocol extensions, a custom token, and an in-client token to address existing constraints. This will open a new frontier in the exchange of cryptocurrencies on a global scale.

Basically, what is going to happen is:

BitTorrent peers will receive some reward in tokens when they make seed torrents using their bandwidth and resources. These Tokens will have monetary value and although BitTorrent Inc does not have much at the moment, users will be able to convert the tokens into "real" currency or spend them to unlock bonuses such as faster downloads.

Now if the TRON or BitTorrent prOject plans to allow users to buy tokens is not clear right now.

BitTorrent Inc has released a video that provides additional information about Project Atlas:

Project Atlas team plans to quickly publish additional information on the future and functionality of the project.

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Project Atlas could provide more motivation for users to seed torrents for longer periods of time. It remains to be seen how users will welcome it
new technology, and whether it will be adopted by third-party applications.

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