Add Google Drive as a drive in File Explorer

See how you can add it Drive in File Explorer as if it were a regular drive.

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Recent versions of Windows 10 have allowed easy access to One Drive. However, what if your primary cloud-based storage is Google Drive and not One Drive?

In this case you can create a direct access to your Google Drive using File Explorer. So you won't just access it through a browser, but you'll see a new drive with the letter G: in Windows File Explorer.

When using Google Drive on desktop computers, there are two options: Mirroring and streaming. Mirroring copies files from the cloud to your computer via the G: drive so you can edit them offline if needed.

Streaming leaves the files in the cloud and only downloads them when you choose or have a file offline. Here's what you need to do to get Google Drive as a virtual disk.

step 1 : Download “Drives for computers” by Google.

step 2 : Install the program and then you installed your Google account in the Google Drive program. It will appear in File Explorer as the G: drive in Windows, provided G is available.

The G: drive will act as a local drive on your computer. It automatically syncs with your Google Drive account when you add or edit anything. Deletes on the computer are not deleted in the cloud for security reasons, but you can change this option.

When you click the File Explorer icon at the top of the navigation pane, you'll see a small blue star and the label “Quick Access”. Most experienced Windows users already know that there is a list of your favorite and frequently used folders. You can add Google Drive there if you want.

Android users get the Google Drive app pre-installed on their devices because they need a Google Account to navigate on the phone. And iOS users can also download it and make the most of it.

The app is very responsive and lightweight. As long as your computer is linked to your Gmail account, it can help your productivity if you're constantly sending emails via mobile. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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