Apple fined $19 million for selling iPhones without a charger

A Brazilian court has fined the iPhone company $19 million for selling iPhones without a charger.

iPhone, Apple

In the American company Apple a fine of 100 million Reals was imposed (respectively $19 million) by Judge Caramuru Afonso Francisco of the 18th Civil Court of the Court of São Paulo for selling iPhone cell phones without a charger.

In September, Brazil's Ministry of Justice and Public Security decided to suspend the sale of devices without chargers, fining Apple $2,3 million.

At the time, Apple claimed that not integrating the charger into the original device was intended to reduce carbon emissions. It had said it would appeal and effectively did not suspend the sale of mobile phones without a charger.

So with a new lawsuit from the Association of Creditors, Consumers and Taxpayers of Brazil, Apple was dragged back to court where it was fined 100 million dollars which will go into a fund that aims to protect consumer rights.

The iPhone maker appealed the decision to the 20th Federal Court of the Federal District of Brazil, asking "for an order to immediately suspend all judgments against Apple and its resellers."

Selling cell phones without a charger is not Apple's sole responsibility. Last October, Brazil's Ministry of Justice notified Samsung and Apple of non-compliance with its 2020 administrative decision related to the matter. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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iPhone, Apple

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