Proxy Mask free anonymous browsing & privacy protection

Proxy Mask is a network tool to protect your privacy.

proxy mask

In a nutshell it allows users to increase online privacy, bypass internet censorship and filtering, access blocked and censored websites, hide your real IP address from websites, access geo-restricted content , to use the TOR network with all web browsers and applications, etc.

Main characteristics

TOR Network: Use the TOR network with all or specific applications
Multi-TOR: Create multiple TOR proxies and use them separately to increase your download speed over TOR
Chain TOR: Multiple TOR server chain. e.g. proxy-TOR-TOR-Proxy
Proxy Checker & Switcher: Proxy testing/testing up to 40 simultaneous tests.
Proxy Converter & chain: Chain multiple proxies and convert socks to HTTP proxies.
VPN: List of free VPNs you can use.
Change MAC address: Change (spoof) Media Access Control (MAC) Network Interface Card (NIC) address and bypass network MAC address filtering.
DNS Changer: Bypass Internet censorship and DNS filtering. Or set a restrictive DNS to block content harmful to children.
IP Leak Protection: Firewall rules that block all incoming and outgoing connections except for specific IP addresses (IP address, TOR bridge, etc.)
FORCE to HTTPS: forces all connections to websites to use a secure encrypted connection (HTTPS). Highly recommended
DOH: DNS over HTTPS for socks4 proxies.

Download the application

DOWNLOAD (Portable Zip)

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Proxy Mask, anonymous browsing, privacy protection

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