Proxy or VPN: Service description and differences

Proxy or VPN: Looking online for solutions to protect your privacy, you will come across them very often proxy και VPN. Και τα δύο εργαλεία έχουν σαν στόχο την απόκρυψη των δραστηριοτήτων σας.

To the average user, the terms VPN and Proxy seem to be synonymous. They both do essentially the same thing, that is, keep you safe and secure on the internet. Some may even think that a proxy server is a different name for a VPN.

But it is not. There is a clear difference between a VPN and a proxy server.proxy


A proxy service simply redirects traffic from the to an intermediary computer/server and then routes it to the destination point.

For example, if you are trying to visit the .com και χρησιμοποιείτε μια υπηρεσία proxy, το αίτημα σας θα αποσταλεί πρώτα σε έναν διαφορετικό υπολογιστή και αυτός ο υπολογιστής θα προωθήσει το αίτημα σας στο Τα that return will be transferred with the same proxy computer.


Μια υπηρεσία VPN είναι πολύ πιο πολύπλοκη από μια υπηρεσία Proxy. Κάνει ό, τι κάνει και μια υπηρεσία Prοxy αλλά μπορεί να κάνει και πολλά άλλα. Τα VPN προσθέτουν ένα επιπλέον επίπεδο κρυπτογράφησης και ς στα δεδομένα που αποστέλλονται.

VPN (from Virtual Private Network or Greek Virtual Private Network) consists of a network of remote servers or .

The interested party can connect to the internet through such , obtaining a new IP address. But so far we are exactly in the mode of operation of a proxy. Service may be important if you consider that your IP address is the only way to identify your digital identity, but the data that travels is not encrypted.

However, VPN encrypts your connection data. So even if someone is watching you online, he is not in a position to know what you are doing with others.

Differences between VPN and Proxy

The main difference between a VPN and a Proxy is encryption. A proxy is a basic privacy protection tool that works in some cases, and not all, as some countries, providers or websites cut off access to known proxies.

A VPN is much more durable. It has multiple servers from which it routes traffic, and if a server goes down or is blocked, there's always someone else to replace it. Traffic sent through a VPN is always encrypted and gives you a second IP address to hide your real IP address.

The proxy mainly works with the traffic sent or received by the browser while a VPN will encrypt every request sent from your computer.

All services running in the background that need internet access, such as your system update requests, will be encrypted. Encryption is used in all applications that need internet access and not just in your browser.

Here, let's say you will find a proxy that promises encryption and absolute hide of the IP address.

VPNs are often faster than proxy services.

A fast proxy that promises data encryption and IP address concealment is a key VPN service. Proxy services mainly transmit traffic, so they have few servers to consistently route your requests.

So they take more time to complete each request. VPNs on the other hand have a much larger network that can handle more requests at the same time, making your browsing or any other online task much faster.

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