Quad9 DNS free of charge from IBM X-Force

Quad9 DNS: Η Cyber Alliance διέθεσε ένα νέο δωρεάν Domain Name Service resolver με ασυνήθιστα ισχυρά χαρακτηριστικά ασφάλειας και προστασίας της ιδιωτικής ζωής.

The Quad9 DNS service, ( not only converts URIs into IP addresses but also checks them from the IBM X-Force Threat Database. These controls re-protect your browsing on any of 40's billions of malicious sites recorded by X-Force.Quad9 DNS

The Global Cyber ​​Alliance (GCA) was set up by London Police, the New York District Attorney's Office and the Center for Internet Security as an "international effort to tackle and prevent any malicious cyber activity."

IBM helped the project in two ways: 1988, Big Blue secured the 16.0 million / 8 blocks from which XNUMX dedicated.

The Global Cyber ​​Alliance, which oversees the initiative, said the Packet Clearing House gave the system global reach via 70 presence points in 40 countries.

The GCA promised that users' searches will not be leaked or used for commercial or other purposes "

Το Quad9 δεν θα “αποθηκεύει, δεν θα συσχετίζει και θα δεν αξιοποιεί προσωπικά with another way."

Google has of course promised the same for DNS, stating:

"We do not associate or combine information from the temporary or permanent logs with personal information provided to Google."

Note that most home users accept the default configuration offered by their ISP.

Η GCA δήλωσε επίσης ότι ελπίζει ότι ο αναλυτής θα προσελκύσει χρήστες στο Internet of Things, επειδή οι τηλεοράσεις, οι κάμερες, οι συσκευές εγγραφής , οι θερμοστάτες ή οι οικιακές συσκευές “συχνά δεν λαμβάνουν σημαντικές ".

If you are one of the few lucky people whose ISP offers IPv6, there is also a Quad9 resolver: 2620: fe :: fe (PCH public resolver).

Install on Windows

Install on Mac

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