RARBG 267.000 magnet links appeared online

As we mentioned in previous publication the team behind the torrent site RARBG has announced that after 15 years on the internet, they have decided to retire. The impact of the team's decision will be seen in the coming days, but for those more interested in preserving historical records, we have news.


A few hours ago, an archive of RARBG magnet links, containing more than 267.000 movie and TV show releases, appeared online.

A few hours ago two repositories appeared on GitHub. They were created by user “2004content”, and the first repo labeled “rarbg” contains nothing. But the other contains three .txt. When you open them with a text editor, the first file (moviesrarbg.txt) appears to contain magnet links to RARBG movie releases for 117.233 releases.

2004 content

The other two files (showsrarbg.txt and showothers.txt) appear to contain magnet links to TV shows and series released by RARBG. The former contains 12.969 magnet links, but the latter contains much more – 137.669 in number.

Verifying that these magnet links are indeed what they claim to be presents two main problems. The first is the sheer number of links. The second is that downloading and sharing content that is protected by , also applies with magnet links, which means downloading is an illegal act.

So we do not recommend downloading the files, firstly because they are not verified and secondly because it is a criminal act.

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