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The closure of RARBG saddened former users, but delighted scammers who take advantage of the confusion to boost their own traffic.
Last week the popular torrent site RARBG has closed its doors. Administrators cited personal and financial reasons for their sudden decision.

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So in the last few days there have been many attempts to restore the old database. Some are thinking of starting new websites to keep the spirit of RARBG alive, but collecting metadata and copying the design of a website is easy.

The shutdown is significant because a major supplier of pirated content was taken offline. Taking on this role is not easy. It requires the right connections, technical expertise and a willingness to risk being taken to court, or jail.

Despite the risks, there are many RARBG themed websites and of course they are seeing an increase in new visitors in recent days. Some were released specifically for the occasion, but there were others long before the original site shut down.

The reality is that RARBG is not coming back. Torrentfreak communicated with the RARBG team and they confirmed that there are no official sites, proxies, mirrors or rebuilds of the old site. The real RARBG is gone, period.

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