Read Aloud : Listen to a web page instead of reading it

An extension for Firefox kai Chromium

Read Aloud is an extension for Fifefox, Chroem, Edge and generally all Chromium browsers that can speak the content of a web page to you, instead of sitting down to read it. And he speaks Greek.

read aloud 1

Read Aloud is an extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox that can read any website you have open in your browser, whether it is Greek or in another language.

After installing it just click the button on the toolbar to start listening. You can control the playback and follow the text in the pop-up window that opens.

In the settings there is a wide variety of voices as far as foreign languages ​​are concerned. In Greek there is only Microsoft's "Stefanos" and "Anna". It supports a total of 40 languages ​​with tons of voices, including premium ones from Amazon and Google.

read aloud 2

You can also adjust the volume, the speaking speed and how high or low you want the voice to be.

It is the best free tool you could have today as a browser extension. On Chrome it has over two million installs. In tests on iGuru articles it was flawless, highlighting both periods and commas.

You can download it from the official stores of your browsers by entering first on the link of the manufacturer company (LSD Sftware) and clicking on the corresponding button to go to the right store for you. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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