Refurbished devices what I need to know before buying

You probably know the refurbished or refurbished devices. Buying a 1.000 euro phone or a 2.000 euro laptop at half their starting price is tempting and there are many who prefer such devices.

However, there are a few things to consider when buying refurbished devices.laptop parts

What are refurbished devices?

A refurbished device is a product that has been used. What separates the refurbished devices from the old used ones is that in the first ones some restoration has been done.

A refurbished device has replaced some parts that may break down over time, such as batteries, monitors, ports, chips, etc., and are replaced with new ones. Although refurbished devices are usually older, if you search you can find new devices.

What you need to know before buying refurbished devices

Getting a repaired device for very little money sounds like an advantage, but there are some things you need to know before adding it to your cart.

1. Is the seller reliable?

Check the reviews on the site where you want to buy a device. Most have a star rating system. Obviously, if a salesperson has 1.000 reviews and 800 of them are a star, leave it at that and look for something else.

You should also take the time to read reviews. Read the bad reviews and see if there is a recurring theme. But also look for reviews that are suspicious. Often, these pages have only good reviews to look credible.

If you see any of the above, it is important to stay away, even if the price is tempting.

2. What is the condition of the device?

Just because a device is repaired does not mean it is perfect or new. Repaired appliances can be damaged, and it is important to know how damaged they are before you spend your money.

3. How does the store define the repaired devices?

Different stores may have different versions of what renovated means, which can lead to confusion and fraud. Look to see how it defines a refurbished object.

EBay for example has a very loose definition of refurbished. So you can buy refurbished devices that are not even refurbished.

4. Which parts can not be replaced?

A repaired device has replaced some of its old parts, but certainly not all. For example, a refurbished phone may have a new battery, ports, and display. However, the processor cannot be replaced. This means that if you buy it, you will stay with the old processor, which will continue to age.

Because not all parts of a device change, you need to know which parts can be replaced before you buy it and you need to know if your device can last a long time with older parts.

5. Who renovates the devices?

There are different quality levels depending on who is renovating the devices. Sometimes you will see devices that are being refurbished by the actual manufacturers (called factory refurbished). This is a good sign, because who can make a better Apple device than Apple itself?

Most of the time, third party companies repair devices, but you can not be sure of the results. If you see that a device has been refurbished by the seller, you should be aware that the quality may not be as high as a factory repair. And in this case, read the reviews. Poor quality repairs will lead to bad reviews!

6. What happens if the device breaks down?

You are buying a product that is old or used, and you should probably ensure that you are protected if the device gives up the ghost. First, make sure the device has a warranty. Most major companies offer some sort of warranty on their refurbished devices.

Also check your return policy. If the seller does not have a return policy, it would be very easy to give you a damaged device because in fact he has no obligation to give you a functional one. A return policy binds him more.

7. Will this device work in my country?

Most refurbished devices are sold by third party companies, so there is no guarantee that they were made to work in your country.

Different countries have different signal bands used to access the Internet. If you purchase receive a device made in another country, it may not be compatible with all signal bands in your country.

8. Can this device be repaired?

Some devices may or may not need to be repaired and resold. These are devices with spare parts that cannot be replaced properly. Devices such as hard drives and SSDs are on this list, as are most modern TVs. Some parts simply can not be replaced, which means you will be buying a device with an expiration date. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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