reNgine: Automatic reconnaissance framework

ReNgine is an automated recognition framework designed to gather information during the pentest process of web applications.

ReNgine has customizable scanners that can be used to scan sectors, endpoints, or collect information. The beauty of reNgine is that it brings everything together in one place. It has an identification method, which is highly customizable.


  • Vulnerability Scan Using Nuclei, Subdomain Discovery, Ports Discovery, Endpoints Discovery, Directory Bruteforce, Visual Reconnaissance
  • Detecting IP, CNAME discovery, subdomain scanning
  • Highly configurable scan engines
  • Perform multiple scans simultaneously
  • Run the Clocked Scan
  • Perform periodic scans
  • Advanced Search Results Recon


Application snapshots


Information on the installation and use of the program, you will find here..

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