RockYou2021 the biggest password leak ever

RockYou2021: Great moments for hackers-members of a popular hacking forum. A forum member posted a huge TXT file (100 GB) containing 8,4 billion passwords, which are probably older leaks.

According to the forum member who posted the file, all passwords included are 6-20 characters long, with non-ASCII characters and white spaces. The same user also claims that the collection contains 82 billion passwords. However, after testing by others, the actual number turned out to be almost ten times smaller (.459.060.239 unique entries).


The password collection was named "RockYou2021" after the user who posted it on the forum.

This leak appears to be the largest collection of passwords ever released. The 3,2 billion passwords that have been leaked in the past, along with passwords from many other databases, appear to be part of the RockYou2021 collection collected by a person who has been working on it for years.

Given that there are only 4,7 billion people connected to the Internet, the number of codes contained in the ockYou2021 collection potentially includes the passwords of the entire global Internet population, twice. For this reason, it is recommended that you change the passwords you use immediately. It is a good idea to choose long passwords, but also a password manager that stores your files locally (not in the cloud). Try the application KeePass.

To check if your password is part of this giant leak, check out the links posted by Troy Hunt.

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