Samsung SSD at 30.72 TB: released for business

Samsung Electronics just released an SSD (from solid date drive) Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) to the 30,72 terabyte (TB) intended for company-wide operations.

We're talking about the largest market capacity on a single data storage device. The disc can hold 5.700 Full HD movies (1920 × 1080 of 5GB each).SSD

Performance according to the company seems to have improved on the 15,36 TB SAS SSD. Thanks to the SAS 12 Gb / s interface, the new disk will have random read and write speeds of up to 400.000 IOPS and 50.000 IOPS.

Successive read and write speeds will be equivalent to 2.100MB / s and 1.700 MB / s, three times faster than the company's predecessor.

The new solid date drive is 2,5 inch and consists of 32 V-NAND 1TB packages, a high-speed controller, 10 DRN 4GB packs with silicon technology (TSV) and a new firmware.

1TB V-NAND packages feature 16 layers of 512Gb 3-bit V-NAND.

The new SSD will provide a five-year warranty.

Samsung will release 15.36, 7,68, 3.84, and 1.92 TB in the PM1643 SAS SSD series as well as 960GB and 800GB.

The company unveiled the EVD 860 SSD drives targeting SATA-enabled consumers last week.

In December, an eUFS with 512GB storage space for smartphones was released.

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