Samsung SSD 32TB in 2.5 inches

Samsung has unveiled a new SSD drive for 32TB 2,5 inch for business, and believes it can achieve up to 100TB capacity over the next four years.

Οι δίσκοι 32TB Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) SSD της κορεατικής They double the capacity of the PM1633a model, which according to Samsung was the world's largest SSD.

And we mention "it was" as this week, Seagate introduced an SSD on 60TB 3,5 inch, although the company has not yet confirmed whether it is flash ssd

The have turned to making higher-capacity SSDs to support the growing demand for high-performance computing and analytics in .

The company expects the new SSD of 32TB to start generating 2017 in bulk, and says that up to 2020, it plans to produce SSDs with 100TB capacity. The 32TB SSD consists of 32TB 1 packages each containing 512 chips V-NAND in 16 layers.

The 32TB SSD uses 3D V-NAND flash Samsung's fourth-generation 3D, which features 64 cell array layers, offering better performance than the previous generation with 48-layer V-NAND. The new flash memory has a 64GB chip with an IO speed of 800Mbps.

The Korean company reports that it will launch the mass production of the fourth-generation V-NAND flash-memory products at the end of the fourth quarter of 2016. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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