Sharp AQUOS Beyond 4K UHD the TV that surpasses 4K with 66 million sub pixels

Sharp AQUOS Beyond 4K UHD: While most of us do not yet have a 4K TV, Sharp announced today that 4K is past. No, the announcement was not exactly that, but basically left all the 4K TVs back.Sharp AQUOS Beyond 4K UHD

At CES today, Sharp announced AQUOS Beyond 4K UHD TV. As the name suggests, the TV exceeds 4K with 66 cm subpixel. According to Sharp, the TV has 167 percent higher resolution than all standard 4K series.

To give all these extra sub pixels on the screen, Sharp uses Quattron pixel-splitting technology. Sharp says the TV produces more colors than any other TV with more contrast.

The company also announced 4K TV in the lineup of an 70-inch Super Slim 4K Ultra HD with a thickness of less than half an inch. All Sharp AQUOS 4K sets will feature Android TV.

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