6 best sites to learn hacking

Want to learn how to hack? It is not easy at all, as it requires a wealth of knowledge and skills. However, if you want to try, see the following six sites that offer hack lessons.

White Hack vs. Black Hack
Hack lessons are not a malicious joke. They are really educational lessons that make you become a better developer and researcher. They are clearly aiming at the logic of white hack or like those who call it self-moral hackers because they find the vulnerabilities in an attempt to make systems and applications safer.
However, there is a whole other community of black hackers who find the vulnerabilities only to exploit them as much as possible.

Now that you know in which community you must enter, let's go with the list of top websites where you can learn to hack.

1. Hacking Tutorial

To Hacking Tutorial, you will find a list of tricks that will teach you some in depth tricks to break various applications, operating systems and devices.
On this site you will find articles such as "3 Steps to GMail MITM Hacking Using Bettercap", Tutorials such as "How to Bypass Windows AppLocker", Hacking News, Phone Hacking Tips, Online Hacking Tool Reviews and a Free Online Library books and reports.

It is in English. Articles are usually small and grammar is not always perfect. However, they often include excellent technical instructions, step by step, on how to run a project.

Tricks and scripts work unless the exploit is repaired. You may need to look for some non-pirated articles. But for the amount of techniques and resources you will find there, a reference is worth it.

2. Hack a Day

The Hack a day is a blog for computer engineers. It has nothing to do with hacking through code but more for general hacking.
The articles it publishes include innovative works such as robotic structures, vintage electronics and gadgets conversion, and more.

Over the years, Hack A Day has turned the site into a fairly popular blog. It also has another area called hackaday.iowhere it hosts papers submitted by readers. Here you will find some truly innovative designs.

This site redefines the meaning of hacking, helping you learn how to hack electronic devices such as a Gameboy or a digital camera and how to modify it.

Encourage readers to build electronic products with the sole purpose of destroying other commercial devices. They are also organizing an annual Hackaday Award. In this thousands of hardware hackers compete against the best build of the year to win the first prize.

3. Hack In The Box

Hack In The Box has changed a lot in recent years. The site consists of four main sub-domains, each with a specific purpose, serving hackers around the world.

The site still focuses on security and moral hacking. News and magazine sections often present up-to-date content, especially for hackers or those who learn to do hacking.

The four main sections of the site include:

  • HITBSecNews : This popular site provides security news covering every industry. It contains important themes that include large platforms such as Microsoft, Apple and Linux. Other topics include international pirate news, science and technology, and even law.
  • HITBSecConf : This is an annual conference designed by professionals and researchers from around the world. It is held annually in the Netherlands.
  • HITBPhotos : A simple collection of photo albums, which mainly covers images from the annual conference.
  • HITBMagazine : This site specializes in the quarterly magazine that Hack In The Box sent postpaid subscribers to 2014. Although the site's blog section is still active and often up-to-date, printouts are no longer published.

This site actually contains technical hacking tips, and at the same time it is a great source for news for those interested in the latest gossip around the international hacking community.

4. Hack This Site!

The Hack This Site! it belongs to the range of best websites with the coolest and free developer training programs where you can learn how to hack. Just click on one of the Challenges along the left navigation of the main page.

The website offers various "missions". You need to calculate the vulnerability of a website and then try to use your new hacking skills (after carefully studying all the articles on the website) to break into the website.
Missions include various scenarios such as Basic, Realistic, Applications, Schedule, and more.

If you can figure out how to properly crack some of the most difficult posts on this site, then you have definitely earned the title of "hacker".

5. Cybrary

If you are looking to start a career like cybersecurity, the Cybrary is a great resource. Here you will find hundreds of free tutorials covering areas such as Microsoft server security, conducting security assessments, penetration tests, and a CompTIA course collection.

The site includes forums, workshops, educational resources, and even a working table. Whether you're starting to think about cyber-career now, or you've already gotten into it, the Cybracy site is a good source of information and it's worth it in your browser's bookmark.

6. Exploit Database

The Exploit Database is an important tool for any hacker. It is up to date with the latest exploits that affect apps, web services and more. If you are looking to learn more about how previous hacks worked and how they were repaired, the Papers section of the site is that it is for you.

The site includes several magazine reports covering many of the biggest violations that have ever hit the world of computers over the last decade.

Learn how to be a hacker
More and more applications are starting to work on the cloud, and more and more people are moving their critical data online. This means that as the internet grows so, and piracy will increase.
Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing field and you should probably think it as a job option if you are looking for a lucrative, future career.
The lessons offered by the above websites are to develop your knowledge of white hacking. Illegal black hacking may be perhaps more appealing and mysterious, but white hacking ensures that you will not have any problems with the law and that you will sleep without stress.



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