A flurry of flies hit Everest and lowered it 900 meters

A huge swarm of flies hit Everest, lowering it by 900 meters...

Following the article Killer AI drone that didn't kill which is a commentary on it Simulation: AI drone kills its operator the following are commented and listed:
1st Το χειρότερο όλων είναι ότι αποδεικνύεται καθημερινά πως οι μάζες -σε παγκόσμια κλίμακα- είναι πανεύκολα χειρσιμες.
It's enough to have a stupid idea for an alleged ... event, an imaginative title of someone who gets a flow from the likes of MKD and "shup" the people fall into the so-called ... style fact: "this and that happened!" adding: "I read it on the internet".
2st What's worse is that the world, the mush that anyone else says, universally, discredits their common sense, basic judgment and experience and appears ready to accept whatever nonsense is thrown their way, accepting as a given that someone thought by haval or who wished (once again) to shock the masses and tame them.
3st Having countless examples in the last 13 years of causing shock to the masses (s.s. let's remember expressions of TV stars of the style:
a) John, now that reinsurance rates have gone up, are we going to be ruined financially?
b) John, I don't believe it, the party was created the day before yesterday [Friday] and today, Clean Monday, it appears in the polls to get 13%
c) together we ate …
d) Olga, are we who pay the loans stupid?
e) they will all die from the virus caused by eating the Pangolin in China
f) you are sprayed and enemies of your fellow human beings who do not listen to the scientists and do not go for vaccination and so much more, it is found that, A "COMPANY" of sociologists, economists, scientists, television potheads, with the assistance of the dominant politicians around them, impose what they want, when they want, as they want, for their own sake
i) causing shock to the peoples
ii) their disorientation
iii) the achievement of the "goals" of the sovereigns.
4on something I saved for the end of the present. It was said, slandered if you will behind the ... attack on the subject bank, were Russians ONLY and ONLY to hide the truth of the nakedness of cyber security in Greece and for the Hellenism of Russians to hate Russia.
And this hype and its marketing was as true as it was true that food and things in the (now imperialist) super markets were increasing because of the war in Ukraine.
And why did it happen?
For the mass, the people, the amoebas to accept that everything is the fault of the reds and TO HIDE THE TRUTH that food started to become more expensive 5 months BEFORE the Russians in Ukraine!
The mark I wanted, that I thought to give, I gave it. And I won't go on any longer knowing like all of you that:
I can list endless examples of shocking, robotic mimicry and disorientation of the masses, implementation of what they have in the back (ie actually IN THE FRONT) of their minds, the overlords. Who are dominant? Simple. Technology, biomedical giants, food and detergent multinationals, energy giants, global bankers, ... think tanks etc.
Therefore, -if you can- stop reading only the headlines of the news and form an opinion, stop assuming that what is said and written is true and in your interest, stop acting like the flock of sheep that when it sees that the first lamb falling over the cliff, the rest follow and stop thinking that you are the fly in the milk, those of you who think, judge, differentiate.
Κι έτσι, η επόμενη μέρα, ΙΣΩΣ να είναι καλύτερη της χθεσινής. Ίσως κι όχι. Θα φανεί μελλοντικά και τότε θα επανα-κριθεί η στάση και ο τρόπος της “αντίδρασης” μας.Σε τελική , αν είναι ν' αρχίσουμε να πιστεύουμε όσα διαβάζουμε και ακούμε από τα ΜΜΕ, τότε ας είμαστε έτοιμοι να πιστέψουμε και τα του τίτλου …


MKD = social media
Experiences = errors of the past, according to Oscar Wilde
Pangolin = an animal found in the Far East. Why was the relevant report then made? So that every amoeba hates China and the Chinese
Suzerain = he who is NOT visible, exercises real sovereignty in a vassal state, in vassal peoples *
*Before anyone rushes to think if Greece is meant as a "subordinate state", let them ask themselves HOW THE American people who SEE and LISTEN to each of their leaders president, behind him are the real rulers who give "instructions" and orders, who They JUST get mouthed off by US presidents. Of China. Of Russia. Of Germany kok
Forgive me the athyrostomy of recalling and quoting “I have jumped half of Athens” which was said by a … guy and was reproduced by the entire mass media, at the same time that “on the side” of those who were engaged in the … “jump” of the one, an entire country was jumping from the advent of the second memorandum.

Giorgos Th. Kanellakis


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Written by George Kanellakis

Youth of several decades that even in my 110 years I will live with modern ideas but old Principles


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  1. And with all of this, every now and then no troll comes out about the news and smiles on our lips.


  2. #THPO = We Will All Die
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