Speechnotes: Dictation of text in Greek

If you often take notes on your mobile then the will untie your hands. You will dictate to it and it will write your thoughts in text in Greek.


Text dictation is the best way to take notes, especially if you are on the go. The technique of converting speech to text has advanced a lot. Can and does transfer your speech to a written text, whether it is in Greek, or in English, or even when you speak bilingual.

And of course it's much easier to talk than to type. With speech recognition you can now dictate notes, your thoughts, or a message to send to your friend with some .

There are several apps that can take you spoken notes to text, such as One Note, Google , or Evernote, but Speechnotes will write your text for you without interruptions or limits. The app offers continuous recording, which means you can take long pauses and have the app continue to listen to you.

The application is free (contains ads) and with its installation it will immediately turn to Greek, recognizing the language you have chosen on your mobile. It does, of course, require access to your microphone.

As a function it is simple. Press the microphone icon and start talking. In our tests he performed perfectly in both Greek and English. After the end of the dictation you can save the text, copy it or send it as a message to a friend via messenger, Viber etc.

When recording you can use its special keyboard, which has special buttons, such as input time and date, signature, emoji and various other symbols.

Other useful features are dark theme, automated backups of notes to Google Drive, Bluetooth support and on the home screen for instant offline dictation of notes, as well as voice dictation commands in English, such as period, comma, question mark, colon, sad face, smiley, etc.

Its last update is December 13, 2021, five days before the writing of this article, which means that it is actively supported by its manufacturer.

You can download for android phones from here.

Also you can have the same service in one , through a browser. From any device you can go on this site, tap it and have your text dictated to you. What will be written can be uploaded to Google Drive, or downloaded as a txt or doc or sent by email.

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