Speedtest on Linux easily through a terminal

Speedtest.net is a handy tool for Linux administrators as it helps them quickly test ping, bandwidth and other network information. from the official website.

However, the Speedtes.net website is very useful even if you do not have access to a browser.

Below we will see Speedtest-cli: it is a command line utility that allows you to run Speedtest from your distribution terminal. It does what the Speedtest website does, but with Linux commands. To install the software, you will need the latest version of the Python programming language.

Installation of Speedtest-cli

Speedtest-Cli is available in many repositories of various distributions. It is also available via source code or the Python Package tool.


sudo apt install speedtest-cli


sudo apt-get install speedtest-cli

Arch Linux

Arch users who want to install Speedtest-cli will first need to activate the “Community” software repository from /etc/pacman.conf. To activate, open a terminal and enter:

sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

Scroll down and find the "Community" links. Remove all # from the front of the "Community" and the lines below. After removing the # press the two Ctrl + O keys together to save the changes and exit Nano with Ctrl + X.

Then sync Pacman to enable Community.

sudo pacman -Syy

You can now install the speedtest-cli utility.

sudo pacman -S speedtest-cli


sudo dnf install speedtest-cli -y


sudo zypper install speedtest-cli

Generic Linux via Python PIP

If you can not install Speedtes-cli utility in the above ways, you can do it with Python and PIP. To begin the installation, open a terminal and make sure you have the latest version of Python and Pip. If you have them you can proceed with the installation of Speedtes-cli with the following command:

Tip: Do not attempt to use sudo during installation.

pip install speedtest-cli

Generic Linux via source code

If you can not install Speedtest-cli with Python and Pip below we will see how you can install the application from the source code package.

Before installing SpeedtesT-cli via the source code from Github, install the Python programming language and the Git tool. Then use the git command to download the source code to your computer.

git clone https://github.com/sivel/speedtest-cli.git

From the terminal with cd go into the speedtest-cli source code folder and change the permissions.

sudo chmod + x *

Run the installation tool to see if SpeedtesT-cli works on your computer

python setup.py install

Use Speedtesc-Cli


To perform a basic speed test with the Speedtest-cli tool, open a terminal and run the speedtest-cli. It will display a basic test of ping, upload speed and download speed. The results of your online test will be displayed in text format when the process is complete.


If you are new to the terminal and want the results of online tests to be easier to read, add the simple modifier to the speedtest-cli commands.

speedtest-cli -simple

Test for download only

Do you want to calculate the download speed? Try running the speedtest-cli command with the no-upload modifier

speedtest-cli -no-upload

Combine no-upload with the simple modifier.

speedtest-cli -no-upload -simple

Test only for upload

speedtest-cli -no-download

or respectively with the simple

speedtest-cli -no-download -simple

View graphic results

With the commands in the terminal you have the option to see the results of your network in a PNG image. If you want to see the results in an image, add the share modifier.

speedtest-cli -share -simple

The image in png will be automatically uploaded to speedtest.net and the terminal will display the URL.

Speed ​​in Bytes

Each test you run with the speedtest-cli command is measured in bits. It's the universal standard for measuring internet speed, but if it does not work for you, you can use the bytes modifier in your tests.

speedtest-cli -bytes

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