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Get ready to learn everything Facebook knows about you and, most importantly, how little your privacy settings matter. Stalkscan is a new tool that will show you how easy it is to find information on Facebook.

Stalkscan does not appear to violate Facebook's terms and conditions as all of the information available to its visitors can also be found through Graph Search. The difference is that it will make it much easier for you. Messages, images, and so on that are set to "only me" will not appear in searches. Stalkscan

The search platform was created by ethical hacker, Inti De Ceukelaire. As mentioned above, we use Graph Search to offer search results for you or for people who are not even friends on Facebook.
If the person you are looking for is not your friend or friend when you search for photos, for example, you will see all the photos tagged with his / her name just as if you had access to their profile. If you are, in your friends list you will surely see more data.

The creepy thing is that you can not only see the pictures, but also remarks, events they have watched, events they intend to watch, publications, posts that have been tagged as well as people working together, classmates and family members.

For those who do not remember Graph Search has started to function as a Facebook service on 2013, and is a very powerful search engine for the social network. But its operation is not that simple, since there are too many search parameters and filters.

The stalkers, however, lurking can use the search engine to find data for you. Of course, if you set your profile very strictly, only your friends can see your data. Similarly, Stalkscan will be able to display results from comments and posts that you liked but published "publicly."

While Stalkscan does not seem to be able to override your privacy settings, it's frightening to see how much information you can find from people you do not even know.

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