Statcounter March 2024: Windows 11 down, 10 up

Statcounter has released its March 2024 report, giving developers the latest για την υιοθέτηση διαφόρων προϊόντων, όπως προγράμματα , operating systems, search engines and more.

According to Statcounter, February 2024 was not the best month for Windows 11, since it had a peak in January, but then dropped quite a bit, from 28,18% to 26,72% (-1,46 points). Interestingly, the company recently started sending “upgrade invitations” to more unmanaged devices running Windows 10. So far, these invitations have not helped Windows 11 increase its market share.

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Windows 10, on the other hand, regained some of the audience that had been lost in the past. Currently, the operating system's market share is a little higher than 69%, and Statcounter claims that Windows 10 increased its market share by 1,81 points.

Windows 10 will stop being supported by the company in October 2025, so we can expect Microsoft to allow Windows 11 to be installed on more “eligible” devices.

statcounter windows version ww monthly 202302 202402

Despite not supporting Windows 7, 8.1 and 8 still have relatively large market shares. Windows 7 is at 3,04%, Windows 8.1 is at 0,44%, and Windows 8 is at 0,29%. Even Windows XP has quite a large audience with access to the media (even though the major browsers abandoned Windows XP years ago) with a rate as high as 0,39%.

Here is Statcounter's analysis of the Windows market (March 2024):

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