Arch Linux with linux kernel 6.8.2 and backdoor fixes

For those of you looking to install Arch Linux, a new official ISO snapshot is available for download that supports the Linux 6.8 kernel and features an improved installation experience.

Arch Linux developers were forced to release the new ISO for April 2024 a little early due to the backdoored y XZ Utils, which affected the Arch Linux 2024.03.01 ISO image (as well as virtual and container images) that was available for download on the distribution website.

On Arch Linux, the backdoor existed in XZ package versions 5.6.0-1 and 5.6.1-1. Arch Linux developers immediately fixed the issue with XZ 5.6.1-2, which is also included in the new Arch Linux 2024.03.29 ISO image. More details are available from here.

In addition to the updated XZ pack, the Arch Linux 2024.03.29 ISO image is the first to be released with the latest Linux 6.8 kernel series, which, of course, offers better in case you want to install Arch Linux on a newer computer.

The ISO includes the Linux 6.8.2 kernel out of the box. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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