SteaLinG: Framework designed for Social Engineering attacks!

SteaLinG is an open source penetration testing framework designed for social engineering attacks. After the attack is over, you can upload a shell to the victim's device and gain full access to their device.


Simply put, we send a well-camouflaged link to the victim, where as soon as he clicks on it, the infected file is downloaded to the motherboard, in order to give us full access to the victim's device.


  • Intercept saved passwords and upload saved passwords file to Mega or Pastebin.
  • Browser history interception.
  • Steal files from the device with the extension you want.





System requirements

  • Python >= 3.8+
  • Operating System: Windows (the victim)
  • OS: Linux

Installation on Windows:

git clone
cd SteaLinG
pip install -r requirements.txt

Installation on Linux

git clone
cd SteaLinG
chmod +x

Ανίχνευση AV


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Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

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