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See how you can send an sms or an mms from your computer, as long as you have an Android mobile phone and a browser.

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Sometimes it is easier to send a text message from your computer than from your smartphone. For example, if the text is large, the keyboard of a computer is convenient from the touch screen of a mobile phone. You may even spend most of your time in front of a computer, or just find something on the internet and want to copy-paste it into a message without having to search it again on your mobile.

For those who have an Android phone, Google's parent company offers a service called "Messages for web", which allows you to send text from your computer, using your favorite Web browser. Here's how you can send text from your computer when using an Android smartphone:

Quick steps to send text from PC via Android mobile
1. Use your favorite browser to go to ή
2. Open the Messages application on your Android smartphone
3. Go to pairing devices
4. Scan the QR code with your smartphone
5. Send text from your computer via Messages for Web

In addition to this method you can also use application "Your phone number" that exists in Windows and sends messages with an Android smartphone, makes calls and much more. But here we are talking that we do not need Windows but any operating system. All we want is a browser and let it run under Linux, MacOS or whatever.

Remember that these applications only work if your phone is turned on and connected to a network. The messages sent are calculated at the cost of sending messages from your provider.

Detailed steps to send a text from your computer via Android mobile
1. Make sure you are using Google Messages. On most Android phones the Google Messages application is available by default. However, some manufacturers, such as Samsung, have their own Messages app, which is included with their Android devices.

One way to understand the difference is to look at the messaging app icon. For example, on a Samsung Galaxy device, you can clearly see the difference between the two icons: for the Google Messages app, the icon is a three-line chat bubble, while Samsung Messages has a chat bubble with three perfect.

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If you already have the Google Messages app, go to the next step in this wizard. However, if the icon on your device is different from the one above, use the Google Play Store to install Messages application from Google.

On these phones, when you first open the app (for example on a Samsung Galaxy), you get a notification that you need to make Google Messages the default SMS app to use it. Click the "Set default SMS application" button and from there select the Google application as the default.

2. In your favorite browser, go to ή You should see a page similar to the screenshot below, with a large QR code in the middle.

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Turn on the "Memorize this computer" switch if you want the site to remember your computer and automatically upload your messages to your Android every time you visit it. If you do not turn on this switch, you can access your messages from Android as long as you keep the site open. Once you close the site your smartphone is disconnected from it. Therefore, we recommend that you enable this option, ONLY IF other people do not have access to your computer.

3. Open the (Google) Messages application on your smartphone. Recall that its icon looks like a white chat bubble on a blue background with three horizontal lines.

4. When the application opens, press the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. This reveals a drop-down menu. In this click on the option, "Pair devices".

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5. You are ready to pair your device with the Google Web site by scanning the QR code we told you in the first step of this guide. First, press the "QR Code Scanner" button and your Android displays a screen similar to the scanner-camera mode, with a square section in the middle.

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Then point the smartphone at your computer screen, trying to frame the QR code that appears on your browser tab in the rectangular area of ​​your phone. The camera scans the QR code automatically and the web-mobile pairing takes place.

Your mobile phone will say "you are ready" and will return messages. If you are using a trusted device, you will see the option "Memorize this computer" on the website. Choose according to what you did in step 2

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To reduce your data usage, it is a good idea to use your Android phone with a Wi-Fi connection instead of data.

You may also see this message: “Video calls are now available. With the power of Google Duo. Google will check, but will not store, the contacts of this application for their availability in the Duo. " Click the "I got it" button.

6. How to send text from a computer via Android mobile.
Messages on the Google Web site are like Google Messages on your computer, so it works almost the same way. In the column on the left, select the contact you are interested in to see the conversations with her so far appear on the right. Use the "Chat Message" field at the bottom of the window to enter your message, and then press the SMS arrow button to send it.

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To start a new conversation, click or tap the "Start Chat" button in the upper left corner. Then, in the To field (top right), enter the name of the person you want to contact or their phone number. Finally, tap the appropriate search result to open a new window and send text from your computer.

You can also add more people to the conversation by clicking or tapping "Add more people" in the To field at the top.

The messages you send and receive from the web browser are synced directly to your Android phone, so you can view your entire chat history regardless of the device you are using.

BONUS: Send an MMS from the computer
You can attach all kinds of multimedia elements to your conversations. There are four buttons in the "Text Message" field. The first is for adding emojis, the second allows you to send stickers, the third opens a collection of animated GIFs, and the fourth is for attaching files such as images and videos from your computer.

NOTE: Keep in mind that when you send files, stickers, or animated GIFs, your message becomes MMS. It is no longer SMS. This means that you may be charged more, as telecommunications providers tend to have different charges for sending MMS messages.

Turn on the dark theme in Web Messages
If the white background becomes too tedious for your eyes, the Google website includes a dark feature. To activate it, click on the three vertical dots at the top left column. Then, in the menu that opens, click "Enable Dark Theme".

In addition, if you have a full history, through the website you can easily and quickly delete, archive your sms, and generally do everything on your mobile but with the ease of a mouse and a large keyboard.

Finally, this way, you can look busy in your office while texting your friends, instead of constantly checking your cell phone. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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