Subs4free block: the answer and alternative links

Following the announcement of the decision of the Internet Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights (EDPPI) which “ along with 40 other related websites, the online community has started looking for new ways to connect.

Yes, the famous game mouse, came to Greece as well. Blocking by providers is a well-known technique used by copyright holders to define their jurisdiction.
This particular industry (see Hollywood) maintains and tries to preserve laws that were passed long before the advent of the internet, a s that favors the flow of information and changed everything we knew.

This is how the following decision came about:


Of course, as it happens every time, the answer did not take long to come from the other side:

5 hours ·
First of all, let us clarify that the site works normally.

As of yesterday 4/6 in the afternoon to our great surprise we found out that our domains have been blocked by all Greek ISPs.
That is, essentially her you on the site is cut by the internet provider you pay for!!!
So far we don't have any official one by those in charge.

You understand that this can be done so easily and directly on any site… unfortunately we are every day and closer to such a reality where internet freedom will now be a memory.
Today we are, tomorrow will be every subtitle site and more.
Every user's internet browsing is not only recorded but is now limited as some consider it appropriate!

We will not sit idly by!

PS: you can have normal access to the site either via mobile internet (3G / 4G) or from IP outside Greece

The website really keeps running, and is accessible with a simple DNS change.

To use alternative DNS from those provided by the internet provider you use, read a very good guide published by Microsoft:

Change DNS in Windows

Change TCP / IP settings. Applies to: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

or watch the video below

To change DNS on Mac

Change DNS to Linux

We will do it simply, from the Network Manager without editing the system files. (/etc/resolv.conf or / etc / network / interfaces or /etc/systemd/network/ I guess is called eth0. Routes vary depending on the distribution you use.)

But let's see how it is done through the Network Manager application.

Open the application, and follow the steps below. From the tools icon (1) I opened my wired connection settings, closed Automatic (2) and added DNS

Apply when done.

Repeat the process with your wireless connection. For those who are interested and have IPv6, there is also an IPv6 Quad9 resolver: 2620: fe :: fe

Alternatively read it Google guide.

After the additions do a review and you are ready.


But the solution to changing DNS is not the only way to see a blocked site like Subs4free. You can always connect with a simple change of your IP. This requires the use of a VPN, or Proxy. Read the following article, choose a free service, and follow the connection guide it offers.

The easy solution for those in a hurry

But for those who prefer something much easier, open it Google translate. Type, or copy and paste the URL and click on the right clickable link:

The page will appear using Google as a proxy

Subs4free The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...


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