Sundar Pichai: Our mission is to protect privacy

Sundar Pichai's comments on Google's stance appear in a copy submitted to a panel of judges examining how Google collects and filters data.
The document emphasizes that Google continues to work with the government to keep the United States safe.

"Protecting the privacy and security of our users has long been a key part of our mission." reports Pichai (PDF).Sundar Pichai

"I run this company without political bias and I work to ensure that our products continue to work that way."

"Doing something different would be contrary to our basic principles and our business interests. We are a company that provides platforms for different perspectives and opinions. ”

Sundar Pichai will have to answer his questions Home majority leader and Republican Kevin McCarthy, who blamed Google for providing search results that were biased against Democrats.

"Google has created some of the most powerful and impressive technology applications. The company now accounts for almost 90% of the global search traffic. "Google therefore has a strong influence on what millions of people on the Internet may or may not find." said McCarthy.

"Unfortunately, recent reports suggest that Google may not be exercising its enormous power impartially; its business practices may have been influenced by various political biases."

Human Rights Watch also published an open letter to Sundar Pichai urging Google to abandon its alleged plans to create a censored search engine (Project Dragonfly) in China.

The team backed hundreds of Google employees who signed a petition opposing Project Dragonfly and the company's planned return to the Chinese search market.

"Facilitating the Chinese authorities' access to personal data, as described in media reports, would be highly reckless," the letter said.

"If put into action, there is a real risk that Google will directly assist the Chinese government in arresting or imprisoning people who simply want to express their opinions online."


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