5G speeds of one Tbps

5G Shows of the order of 1Tbps were obtained during tests at the University of Surrey, as reported in a V3 publication.


In particular, Professor Rahim Tafazoli, director of the 5G Innovation Center (5GIC) at the university, said on the British website that it was the first time in the world to achieve such speeds, much higher than similar tests in the past.

He explained that 5GIC is working on new technologies to support 5G devices, which are essential to achieving these results (1 Tbps).

"We have developed other 10 innovative technologies and one of them means that we can overcome 1 Tbps wirelessly. It's the same performance as fiber optics, but we do it wirelessly, "he said.

Tafazol stressed that the tests were conducted in laboratory conditions, at a distance of 100 meters, through the use of transmitters and receivers built at the university.

The plan is for the technology to "come out" from the lab and be used in the university campus at 2016-2017, before being shown to the public at the beginning of 2018. "We want to be the first in the world to show such speeds," he noted.

In any case, beyond the impressive admitted performance, key elements in 5G are latency and reliability, given that the 5G standard should "serve" for at least 20 years.

"An important dimension 5G is how it will support applications in the future. We do not know what applications 2020, or 2030 or 2040 will be used, but we know they will be sensitive to latency, "said Tapazoli.

"We need to bring the end-to-end latency under one milestone to allow new technologies and applications that would simply not be possible with 4G."

However, as noted in the report, networks that will "run" at such speeds are not expected before 2020.

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