TeamViewer Remote the next generation of 1-click remote access

Η TeamViewer today introduced the next generation of remote access and support, used by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

With the new one TeamViewer Remote, the technology, usability and overall look and feel have been extensively refined and modernized while retaining the popular and proven remote connectivity features of TeamViewer.

teamviewer redesign

One of the main improvements is a new, very modern and more beautiful interface. T.ο TeamViewer Remote has redesigned the entire user experience. A young man web client it bridges the gap between its interactions desktop with and browser and connections have been simplified so that a session can be created with one click, as easy as joining any online meeting. In addition, transparency has been increased to support users in making the right decision to accept only legitimate connections.

For business customers, remote monitoring and management (RMM) has been added natively for more functionality. The RMM on TeamViewer Remote includes device monitoring, asset management, software development and patch management that make device management in an enterprise seamless and efficient.

Ο Dr. Hendrik Witt, Chief Product Officer in TeamViewer says:

"Her most famous product TeamViewer became the global de facto standard for remote access and support and we are committed to strengthening our leadership in this space with the best quality solutions on the market. To continue serving our subscribers, primarily SMBs from all industries, and hundreds of millions of non-commercial users, we've redesigned the product with the user journey in mind. Our subscribers want to be able to support clients, colleagues and friends and family with one click, they want a modern interface that guides them through a connection and most importantly they want to ensure that the connections are secure. The TeamViewer Remote provides all of this through a browser or an app for desktop with"

This particular software architecture underwent a significant refresh and was redesigned in line with its platform approach TeamViewer, aiming to offer a single access to the entire product portfolio TeamViewer in the future. Features and add-ons that used to require a separate login, such as the remote management package, are now integrated and accessible through the same interface to TeamViewer Remote. The TeamViewer will continue to improve the new solution with more features in the future.

TeamViewer Remote is available for download from today for all new customers. All existing users can choose to either upgrade the existing application for free, or log in to the the website client with their current data. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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