telGuarder : See who called you on the phone

telGuarder is a website as well as mobile phone application that can tell you whether the unknown number that called you is a nuisance call or not.


If you've been receiving nuisance calls and want to know who the caller is and what they're trying to say, then the most likely thing to do is just Google their number. There are websites such as White-pages that will reveal to you not only who he is but also his history.

telGuarder is such a website that speaks in addition to Greek and many languages ​​and provides corresponding information for each country you declare to it. In its Greek version it is a particularly useful tool as it displays all the recent evaluations of phone numbers, along with users.

Except it exists in for Android and iOS it can simply work from a browser. Simply go to their website, enter in the relevant field the number you want and see what other users write about this number.

You will also see various statistics, such as how many searches this number has had, how many references, what date the last search was, and a graphical table of fraud or safety rates. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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