14 July 2015 Windows Server 2003 is reaching its end

Microsoft Hellas has just announced its customer support fee Windows Server 2003. We quote the announcement: Windows Server 2003

On July 14 2015, Windows Server 2003 it is at the end of its course. This means that technical support will no longer be provided and you have to prepare for it.

Why should you be prepared?

Because the end of technical support means:

  • Finally on the patches
  • Finally, in the security updates (ie, the certainty that you are not vulnerable)
  • Finally, compliance (ie the ability of your company to respond to standard audits)

The time to leave Windows Server 2003 is inevitable, but it's also a chance to move your company into an environment with new features and facilities!

Migrating to Windows Server 2012 R2 opens new streets in your Data Center to help you utilize virtualization technology to achieve maximum infrastructure performance and scalability.

Microsoft Azure and Cloud OS technology in general will provide you with the tools to run your applications faster and increase the performance of your infrastructure.

We can help you plan your organization's migration plan:

 ms Check how your apps will behave when they run on Windows Server 2012 R2 through the Microsoft Azure virtual environment. Download the Azure Trial
 ms Download its trial version «Windows Server 2012 R2»
 ms Keep track of the training: ·         Migrating to Windows Server 2012·         Windows Azure for IT Pros Jump Start·         Move to Hybrid Cloud with System Center & Windows Azure Jump Start
 ms Κdownload it the guide that gives you step by step all the steps to move forward

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