TikTok leak reveals how the algorithm works

How does TikTok decide who goes viral? Which Content Creators Can Have Billions views and the opportunity to make money, and who are rejected?

As you might expect, the TikTok video algorithm runs in the background, secretly managing what you see.TikTok

The New York Times they revealed some of the internal functions of the TikTok algorithm, including how it makes users come back to see more. They also report on how they manage content creators and how much money they make.

The secret algorithm of TikTok

Until now, the intricate details of TikTok's video algorithm have been kept secret. It makes sense, as most tech companies keep the secret recipe locked in the treasury.

However, the New York Times has seen a leaked internal TikTok document titled “TikTok Algo 101” which provides an overview of the company's algorithm functions. The document was verified as genuine by a of TikTok.

So how does the TikTok algorithm work?

Discover what you like, and give you more and more material from it. Keep doing it to make sure you do not get bored.

Ο αλγόριθμος της TikTok λειτουργεί έχοντας τέσσερις κύριους στόχους: την αξία του χρήστη, την μακροπρόθεσμη αξία του χρήστη, την αξία του δημιουργού και την αξία της s.

In short, the longer you stay on the platform, the more you have to make money from advertising, which is the ultimate goal for both TikTok and the content creators who use the platform.

We already know that TikTok is incredibly well-suited to prousers, whether you're a content creator or simply consuming TikTok's endless feed of video content.

But when you visit the feed Tik Tok For You, you will see more content from TikTok creators than "random" videos related to hashtags and other searches you have done.

These videos combine the ideal level ς εσόδων της TikTok. Η διάρκεια του βίντεο και η ποιότητα του δημιουργού είναι το για να σας κρατήσουν στην υπηρεσία περισσότερο.

Does TikTok promote "unhealthy" or problematic content?

One of the reasons why the TikTok employee leaked the internal document to the New York Times was because he was "annoyed by the promotion of" sad "content that could cause self-harm."

The sole purpose of the application is to continue to add more users and keep them as long as possible on its platform. Retaining users is a huge focal point and it seems that sometimes it means putting any moral obligation aside.

Add the real risk of addiction with the constant flow of dopamine in the brain to the pre-existing problems faced by TikTok users.

TikTok's algorithm makes you come back for more

Even when you know what's going on, TikTok's algorithm has the power to pull you back. TikTok's content recommendation system will refine your searches and present more and more interesting videos for that seems to interest you.

In short, TikTok's algorithm, like any other social media algorithm, focuses on one thing, money.
Therefore, pay attention to your choices but also to the choices of your children.

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  1. And so it all comes down to the modern expression called: "technology experience" where behind it lies consumerism, manipulation of the masses and especially their debauchery, just to have some (specific elite) leadership where there is no room for reactions to world poverty, hunger, misery.

    But I wonder if modern parents are properly trained to protect their children since they, the new parents, are raised and nurtured in the corridors of the "models" and the garbage of TV and in the misery, at the same time that their children were born in murderous Memoranda and in "diseases". Mental and physical.

    I do not think I am a pessimist, but I keep a small basket of what modern society will achieve in the face of the great enemies (supranational corporations) that surround it.

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