Tim Cook: Agreement with Google puts the confidentiality aside

Apple chief executive Tim Cook defended his company's deal with Google, despite criticizing the largest search engine for its attitude toward user data.

His comments were transmitted in the context of a interview on HBO, and the question was why he decided to pay billions of dollars to Google to become Apple's default search engine, despite wanting to protect users' privacy.Tim Cook

Cook stressed the security and privacy measures offered by Apple from the Safari browser, while noting that users of Apple devices will have access to the "best" search engine.

"I think [Google's] search engine is the best. Look at what we have done with the controls we have integrated. "We have a private web browsing," Cook said. "We have a smart prevention tracker. What we have tried to do is find ways to help our users. It is not the perfect solution. But it will help a lot. ”

According to information, Apple will pay from 3 up to 9 billions of dollars for its deal with Google. With this agreement her search engine will become the default in the Safari browser, Siri web search and elsewhere.

Let's say there are other search engines, like her DuckDuckGo, which focus on privacy, but for Apple, revenue from Google services, combined with Safari "security" measures, seems to outweigh privacy concerns.

Last month, Tim Cook warned that "our information is being targeted and used against us." On Sunday, he said some level of government regulation for Silicon Valley appeared to be inevitable. "I am committed to the free market, but we have to admit that the free market does not work. And here it does not work. I think it is inevitable and that there will be some level of regulation. "


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