ToffeeShare share files via P2P from your browser

ToffeeShare: If you need to share files remotely, that is, the person you want to share the file with is not on the same network as you, you need to use an intermediary service. Often, we send files via email or upload them to a cloud and then provide a download link.
These methods work and are great, but your files are stored somewhere in the cloud, something not everyone may want.


If you prefer direct file transfer between 2 computers, you are looking for P2P transfer. This type of transfer is possible, but for end users, it is not very easy to set up. That is why we recommend the ToffeeShare application.

The ToffeeShare application works in your browser. You can upload files and share a link with anyone you want. Your browser should remain open and you may not refresh or close the tab on which you have enabled the transfer until it is complete. The file itself is not stored anywhere on the internet.

Once the files are added, the ToffeeShare app gives you a link to share as well as a QR code that you can scan with your mobile phone to download the files to your smartphone. The ToffeeShare web application also works great in a mobile browser. However, you cannot close the tab on which the transfer is enabled. But you can minimize the window or use another tab. The web application works in all modern browsers.

As for the time required to complete the transfer, it depends on the size of the file. Remember that your file will continue to be sent over the Internet at your own connection speed as well as your recipient's connection speed. The speeds of the two connections play an important role in how quickly the transfer will be completed.

ToffeeShare sends all files securely, as it uses end-to-end encryption. There are no limits to the size of the file you want to share.

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