Turn the trojan Zeus now targeting SaaS applications

malwareA new version of the notorious Zeus banking trojan was found to be lurking with software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.
Cyber ​​security is an ever evolving area and as all new threats follow. Several of these stand out as advanced, and one of these is the trojan Zeus.

The malicious software of the Zeus family is known for its attacks on financial and banking businesses. OR Symantec christened it the "king of bots" and as mentioned above, it targets mainly financial institutions, often injecting malicious content into bank link websites in order to fool users and give them their account credentials.

However, a recent attack has revealed a turning point in the history of malware. Instead of seeking financial details, the new version of Zeus targets Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). According to security researchers Adallom, (a company that deals with application security SaaS, a few weeks ago, a new variant of Zeus, was discovered to target Salesforce.com user certifications.

In a publication, the Adallom Labs team said that the Zeus variant uses malware "mines" that record certain computer activities, and filter company data. The malware was discovered by an employee who was apparently running hundreds of views in a short amount of time. The unusual behavior of the websites piqued the curiosity of the user, who was using ancient Windows XP, and an old version of Internet Explorer that had a long time to update.

Further review of the site revealed its variation trojan Zeus, W32 / Zbot. Malware has been waiting for the user to connect to domain * .My.salesforce.com to intercept his login data.

"This is the first case we have seen of this powerful, albeit obsolete, weapon that has now been turned against SaaS application corporate accounts, revealing the inability of existing security checks to detect attacks outside the company's perimeter," they said. researchers.

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