the new project of major technology companies

Τι είναι το; Google, Facebook, Twitter and AOL teamed up for another project aimed at protecting consumers from misleading advertisements, with detailed reports on the risks of online spam and technical support.


The site came online today Thursday and seeks to raise consumer awareness of the growing number of online spam advertising.

While most ads coming through Google and Facebook are completely safe for clicks, there are others trying to fool the audience. Big companies deal with them on a regular basis, which means that it's impossible to see such ads on Facebook, let's say.

The new service will release reports about all new ads containing online scams, as well as information about consumers about ways to protect themselves.

Despite the fact that the new project has just been announced, there are already posted ads that are malicious, or are scams. Quite an interesting project for the safety of the public, but also for the big technology companies, such as Google, Facebook, etc., which make a fortune from promoting the ads they offer. Double the profit for everyone, companies and consumers. Safe consumers and companies keep the monopoly locked….

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