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Android users have a lot of choices when it comes to offline maps, but two are the best and deserve your attention. They are and here Maps.


Today we will work with it The application, just like Here Maps and other similar applications, allows you to download the map of your site and thus work with the application without having to be connected to the internet. The maps are very detailed, with every little street and narrow and every village of the province.

The size of each map depends naturally on the size of the country, and for some countries that are vast, like America, its map is divided into further chunks. Its size ranges from a few Megabytes to hundreds of Megabytes. Tokyo, for example, has a size of 314 Megabytes, while Malta only has three Megabytes.

Once you've downloaded a map, you can start using it offline. Use built-in search to find where you want to go, save your destination for quick access in the future, or use the selected route to get directions until you reach your destination.

Of course Maps.may be guided by giving you information all the way you need to have GPS navigation enabled. Keep in mind that the GPS mode consumes enough battery as it communicates with the satellites constantly to give you your mark on the map at all times.

Unfortunately it does not support receiving and transmitting third party information. Although not a feature, some basic information on bus routes, trains etc. would be a welcome addition.

The program supports KML and KMZ files, and allows you to import and export data at any time.

You can download it for free iOS and for Android Their maps take them from OpenStreetMap.

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